The Best Star Wars Dog Halloween Costumes

Welcome to Halloween Season!  I searched high and low for the best Halloween costumes for dogs.  These top Star Wars Costumes go with your own theme costume, or stand-alone for the dog that loves watching movies.  The best part about these costumes?  No DIY–just take them out of the package and put them on your dog.

The Best Star Wars Dog Halloween Costumes

Who can turn down an awesome Darth Vadar costume?  In sizes from toy to extra-large, most dogs will fit in the Darth Vadar costume.  Use this costume if your dog often visits the dark side (interpret as you will.)  Plus, super adorable.

No matter which pattern you choose, make sure to get a LED collar if your dog will go trick-or-treating with your family. Make sure he comes home safe!

Any dog can become a Jedi Knight with this super adorable costume.  Teach him to carry a light saber, and he’ll charm everyone while he’s out trick-or-treating.


Have a little princess style dog?  This Princess Leia costume will let her live out her royal fantasy, but still be tough enough to take on anyone.

Who can forget Chewbacca?  A traditional name for large brown dogs (especially chocolate Labs) this costume can turn any dog into a Wookie for a day.  Teach him to growl on command, and he’ll be the winner of the costume contest.

With as many dogs out there named Yoda, your dog might be the spitting image of this favorite for Halloween.

Don’t forget the robots.  This AT-AT costume turns dogs into the iconic war machines from the movies.  Choose this costume to go with a Dark Side theme.

Looking for something for one of the good guys?  Try this R2-D2 costume.  Also available in sizes from Small to Extra Large, send your kid out with a matched buddy for extra candy.

Don’t like the idea of a hat on your dog, or is he weird about having long pants?  This cute hoodie gets the point across.

BB8, another droid, made waves in The Force Awakens.  This hoodie goes great on a dog whose child will be Rey or Finn.

When anyone thinks of “Star Wars Dog Costumes,” most go straight to dressing up as an Ewok.  This costume is perfect, especially for doll-faced breeds.

This cute Dewback Rider costume turns your dog into the creature from the movies, and even includes a little Stormtrooper rider.  Adorable, especially for cold weather.

This super-adorable Bantha costume comes complete with a rider.  Especially cute for matching dogs, like this pictured Sheltie.


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