About Me

Hi!  Welcome to Petlosopher!  I’m Emily, and over my life I’ve owned almost every kind of pet out there, from hamsters to dogs to fancy guppies.  I created this blog to help pet owners improve their relationships with their pets, and to connect great breeders with great families.

In 1994 I purchased my first purebred dog, a Labrador named Bridget.  She was my first “show dog,” and completed her Companion Dog (CD) title at the age of nine.  I went on to get two Labs from a local show breeder, who were the Best Dogs Ever ™ after showing the breeder’s dogs in obedience and completing two more CDs and a basic retriever test.

In 2001, now twenty years old, I got my first house cat and several small animals.  I had guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, and rats, as well as two large aquariums.  My roommate had birds, cats, saltwater aquariums, and lizards.

I’ve always been interested in show breeding, and I showed my Labradors in conformation with the American Kennel Club.  I’ve been on the sidelines of the show world for 20+ years.