In the process of writing this blog, I’ve come across several products that I strongly recommend for various purposes.   I chose to list my recommendations together, to make it easier for you to find everything that I recommend in one place.

I just want to add quickly that I use affiliate marketing to support this site, and there may be affiliate links below.  Clicking on them costs you nothing extra but supports this site.

Dog Products

  • Whistle is a GPS pet tracker.  It attaches to the dog’s collar and connects to an app on your phone.  You can see where your dog is in real time via your phone, and helps prevent lost dogs.  Added bonus: it’s small, and can be used for other purposes (like making sure you don’t lose your toddler at the mall).

Blogging Resources

  • ShareASale provides affiliate opportunities for web developers, bloggers, and anyone else interested in affiliate marketing.  They also help structure affiliate marketing programs for businesses, so work with both sides of the equation.  Most of my affiliate marketing programs come via ShareASale, and they are an awesome resource for my blog.
  • I use Tailwind to schedule many of my pins on Pinterest.  This lets me place pins from my own blog at peak times to the correct boards.  The app will schedule pins according to your personal traffic, or you can assign the app specific time slots.  It’s fantastic and a huge timesaver.  It also lets me assign the same pin to multiple group boards, and spread them out in time so I don’t have a huge block of the same link on my profile.  I use it every single day to drive traffic to this blog.