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6 Important Betta Care Tips

If you haven’t read my full biography, you might not know that I currently can’t keep most pets.  Yep.  My significant other and child are both deathly allergic to all things furry or feathery or that require any sort of bedding.  I do have hopes of keeping pets again in the future, but our living situation doesn’t allow it.

So, we now have fish.  Well, a fish.  His name is Scooby Doo (not named by me) and he’s a betta, or Siamese fighting fish.  Bettas are beautiful little fish.  They are complete and utter jerks to other bettas, but delicate when housed with almost any other aggressive species.

These betta care tips will keep them thriving for years instead of months.

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Moving an Aquarium: Step-by-Step Guide

You signed the paperwork, now your family is moving.  With all the other crazy stuff you have to get done, moving an aquarium tops the list.  After all, you know how to put pots and pans in a box.  A box of water, on the other hand…a little bit challenging!

I’m going to walk you through the basic steps for moving an aquarium (of any size!) safely and effectively, and without losing your fish or liverock.  I wrote this post to help both fresh and saltwater enthusiasts, since the process is similar.

Moving an Aquarium:  A Step-by-Step Guide

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How to Care for a Betta (Siamese Fighting Fish)

Bettas are perhaps one of the most beautiful fish kept in captivity.  Breeders developed millions of color combinations, with long and flowing fins.  The betta survives well in captivity, and the fish are remarkably intelligent for fish.  These fish require basic care, but perform very well as the first fish for a family.  Read on to learn how to care for a Betta, and how to keep your fish happy and healthy for several years to come.

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Getting Your First Fish Tank: Important Information

Many families enter the pet-ownership circle with a fish tank.  After all, fish are inexpensive and easy to replace, and don’t need walks or much attention. Fish are super easy pets–once the fish tank is set up and established.  Fish require specific water chemistry, and depending on the species you choose, it might be tricky.  However, watching fish is relaxing, and teaches kids about ecosystems and pollution.

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