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What To Do When You Don’t Want a Puppy Anymore

Many families choose to add a new puppy to the family on, or around, Christmas.  They are so cute, and tiny, and the kids promise to take great care of her.  And then, it happens.  School starts again, and all the help goes out the window.  The kids don’t play with her, she needs housebreaking, and she’s starting to chew up everything you own.  You’re starting to think you don’t want a puppy anymore.

Before giving up and finding a new home for your puppy, try these 5 steps to reconnect with why you purchased your puppy.

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Baby-Proof Your Dog with These 7 Easy Steps

Ooh, Congrats! You’re expecting! That’s awesome! But your “first baby,” your dog, never lived with babies. Babies and toddlers are fragile little beings, hell-bent on mayhem and chaos. My son’s allergic to dogs, but still won’t keep his hands off them. Most dogs need some specific training to feel comfortable with a new baby, but most dogs also become very attached to their new human. A baby-proof dog keeps both your children and itself safe.  Here are my top seven tips to baby-proof your dog.

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Puppy Training: Teaching a Puppy to Come

You’ve got a new puppy, and you know that it’s super important that he comes to you when you call him, no matter what.  You’ve had dogs before, but none of them had a rock-solid recall, and you want this puppy to be different.  Puppy training is actually really easy! Here’s my top tips and tricks for getting that perfect recall.

The Recall - Teaching Your Dog to Come Every Single Time

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Dog Toys: Top 8 Toys to Keep Them Busy

All dogs love a good toy, but some dogs destroy toys like it’s going out of style.  This list has my eight favorite dog toys for active dogs and heavy chewers, of which I’ve had a couple!  Some of these toys cost a little bit more, but they last much longer than the cheap toys, and definitely cost less than a de-stuffed couch.


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Why You Should Find a Reputable Dog Breeder

Lots of families decide to get a purebred puppy every day.  But with the new Adopt-Don’t-Shop movement, is buying a puppy really responsible?  Should you consider a rescue instead of a dog breeder?

I’m here to tell you that it is OK to buy a puppy from a dog breeder, IF you choose a breeder that breeds healthy, sound, and correct dogs.  These are called “reputable dog breeders” or “responsible dog breeders.”

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