The 2018 Holiday Gift Guide for Dog Lovers

Searching for the perfect gift for the dog lover in your family?  People who love dog lovers often have trouble finding the perfect Christmas present.  It’s easy to assume that your dog lover already has everything they need to care for their dog (because they probably do!) and don’t know what they might like.  Don’t worry–I’ve put together this great guide to some of my favorite dog-related finds.  This gift guide for dog lovers has art, really neat gear, and home decor that your dog lover doesn’t know they want.

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Art for Dog Lovers

Does your dog lover seem to have every ounce of gear possible?  Probably.  One gift they will appreciate for it’s simplicity (and ease of storage!) is wall art.  Wall art is super-easy to display, so they don’t have to figure out where to “keep” it, and accents their home’s decor.

This Great Dog Art from Joss & Main

I love this series of country-slash-backwoods style Retriever art.  As a long-time Labrador person, I especially love art that accentuates their outdoorsy lifestyle.


These Minimalist Line Drawings from Kohl’s

I love these minimalist line drawings.  They work with almost any decor style, and are small enough to display in almost any space.  They also come in a ton of different breeds.

This Amazing Art from One Kings Lane

I love this black and white framed art.  It’s stunning and captures the exact spirit of each of these breeds.

Great Gear Gifts for Dog Lovers

You probably think your dog lover has all the gear they could possibly need.  And that’s probably true.  Real dog lovers have fifteen leashes per dog, fancy dishes, and anything else you might be able to imagine.  But dog lovers love getting new gear.  That’s why we have fifteen leashes.  If you buy us new gear, especially gear a little nicer than the gear we already have, we will use it, and we will love it.

These Super Comfy Leashes and Collars by Found My Animal

I love, love, love slip leads.  Slip leads are a leash and collar in one, and these ones have a metal loop and clip.  These are amazing for well-mannered dogs.  Because you remove them when you get home, dogs don’t get that “collar mark” around their necks.  The matching rope collars also prevent damage to the coat.  These ones are made from locally-sourced materials in Brooklyn, NY, and with American leather.

These Isabella Cane Collars, Leashes, and Toys

I’m a huge fan of patterned leashes and collars.  They display your dog’s personality, and you can match the seasons or your current mood.  I love the Isabella Cane line’s patterns.  They’re just the right combinations of colors to share a mood and accent your dog’s coat color and pattern.

Leather Collars and Leashes from Ralph Lauren

The absolute classiest look for a dog: well-groomed, great health, beautiful training, and a fine leather leash and collar.  Maybe a nice coat, if it’s cold.  These collars and leashes are perfectly traditional and classy.


Home Decor Gifts for Dog Lovers

Dog lovers don’t just love stuff for their dog–they love stuff in their home that shows that they love their dogs.  These decor gifts do lots of things.  Some store dog supplies, other gifts show the world how much you love your pets.

Archie & Oscar’s Line of Dog Decor

This line has the absolute perfect “not required but awesome to have” group of dog decor.  The cute wooden feeding station (complete with storage compartment) is perfect for the small kitchen.  The adorable leash hangers, and even a throw pillow!  Adorable collection for your dog lover.


These Organization Centers by 3R Studio

I love the classic country-meets-warehouse look of this line, and they have a ton of great organization centers perfect for jackets, coats, leashes, and all manner of dog gear.  Dog lovers need a good spot to keep all their gear organized but easily accessible, and these cute organizers fit the job.

Doggie Christmas Ornaments by Joy to the World

I loved my dogs, and wanted to recognize them every year on the Christmas tree.  These ornaments are beautiful glass, in the style of almost every breed out there.

Liora Manne’s Artwork on Home Items

I just love the spirit of this art.  It’s adorable but simple, and full of personality.  There are throw pillows and door mats, and just super cute.


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