Petlosopher Services

Petlosopher Breeder Services

Are you interested in:

  • Finding better quality homes for your puppies?
  • Being able to breed more litters and sell more puppies?
  • Becoming a powerhouse in your breed?
  • Teaching more people about your breed?
  • Learning to responsibly breed higher quality dogs?

If so, I’d love to help!  I provide virtual assistant services to help you breed and sell better quality dogs.  I set up and maintain your online presence–from the various social media networks (especially Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter) to building a webpage to highlight your kennel.

I also provide coaching services to help maximize your kennel’s profitability, and to improve the quality of your breeding.  I’ll help you move from casual breeder to a producer of high-quality, pedigreed and health tested dogs.

Fill out the below form to get in touch.  Let me know what you’re hoping to do, and I’ll customize a quote for the work.